Some Interesting Facts

Seeing as I was ‘tagged’ by Tisha earlier in the week, here are five things that you probably don’t know about me.

  1. While I hope to one day, I have never received or made an overseas call.
  2. Tom Jones once waved at me.
  3. The passing of time is always on my mind.
  4. I often wonder how I’m ever going to get through all the books I own.
  5. In primary school my laugh was really loud, a genuine cackle, but somewhere along the way my laugh has become barely audible.

membax.jpgWhile I was here I thought I’d share a photo of my two dogs, Baxter and Memphis. The photo captures them at their best, Baxter with his ball ready for a game, and Memphis with his ready smile.


  1. Tisha

    Hey Tracey,

    1) Pass me your telephone number, I give you a call from Belgium 🙂

    2) “The” Tom Jones, “Sex Bomb” Tom Jones?! Where were you?

    3) You seem to spend your time quite wisely…do you feel time is dwindling?

    4) Ha I will never finish reading all of mine, everyone knows how much I love reading and keep giving me books!

    5) Barely audible eh? Are you self-conscious about laughing too loudly?

    Baxter and Memphis are lovely!


  2. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – You are too kind. Yes, it was the real ‘Sex Bomb’ Tom Jones, it was at his Brisbane Concert when he toured some years ago, the lights were in our section and I waved, he looked right at me and waved back. It was cool!! Oh you know, the passing of time is an issue when you’re trying to do what you enjoy for a living (which isn’t exactly happening at the moment). I’m not sure what happened to the laugh, it used to be ‘one of my things’. I don’t even remember when it ‘went’….maybe it just naturally evolved to something new? Thanks for your comments.

  3. jan

    And did you wave your panties back at Tom? I always wanted to join the Vegas ladies who threw them at him on stage.

    Dogs most formidable. Good shot.

  4. Tracey

    Hi Jan – No I didn’t wave the knickers. Apparently he’s not much of a fan of people doing that any more. He tried to ignore those that threw them at the concert…I think he’s trying to transcend the prior image…a bit sad really. I like that shot of the dogs too Jan, thanks for your comments.

  5. yash

    hi tracey, I dont really know tom jones, all you ladies can continue talking about him, keep me out of it. I also purchased several books but didnt finish all of them. thats because they`re self help type books…novels you just cant leave unfinished right?

  6. kelley

    Awww; love the shot of Baxter and Memphis!

    I’ve never made an overseas call, either. In fact, I would have no clue how to go about it…

  7. Tracey

    Hi Yash – Gosh I read widely so I’ve got piles of all sorts of different books waiting for me…I guess it’s hard for all of us to find the time to get through them all.

    Hi Kelley – Thanks…I like that photo too…it really sums up their personalities. One of these days we’ll have to make an OS jaunt so we can call back home and cross that one off the list! 8)

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