Public Interest Courtesy Rule #6

bumper.jpgWhen driving it is important to maintain an appropriate distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Unlike bumper cars at amusement parks, driving close to or nudging the bumper of another car is generally not considered to be appropriate road driving behaviour. Often such an action will not cause the car in front of you to move more quickly. In fact it may have the opposite effect.

If you find yourself in the slow lane and would like to pass the car in front, please overtake them by moving into the fast lane. If you are in the fast lane and the car in front is not driving quickly enough for you, give the driver a chance to move to the slow lane, or simply wait patiently a reasonable distance behind them. Hopefully they will notice the cars behind them waiting to get by and change lanes to let you pass by.

Intimidation and harassment on the road is simply not appropriate, it’s really very impolite. Please do not think that beeping your horn, flashing your headlights or putting on your highbeams will encourage the driver in front to move out of your way. When you are able to overtake a slower moving vehicle it is also not considered nice to gesture or call out rudely to the other driver as you pass by. Instead perhaps just be quietly happy that you can continue on your way at your desired speed.


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