REVIEW: Entourage

entourage.jpgSure money is an important part of life but its presence can never be guaranteed, coming and going quickly whenever our fortunes change. Similarly success, whether it is success in life or success in a career can be equally unpredictable. Sometimes the only constant thing in our lives are the friends we make in childhood before all this stuff even becomes an issue.

There’s nothing new about a television show which is built around friendships. Take for instance the examples of Friends, Sex and the City, and Buffy. While these shows can all be considered great for many different reasons, Entourage offers something fresh and unique. Even though it is based in the surreal world of celebrity, the show doesn’t expect us to swallow the unbelievable, the characters are genuinely constructed and very real. While perhaps on a different scale to the rest of us, the guys deal with problems which we all face, worrying about things like careers, money, relationships and where to live. Through it all the guys experience all of life’s ups and downs, keeping eachother amused and grounded.

As you would expect, the show is based around an actor and his entourage. In this case the actor in question is Hollywood star on the rise Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), his brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), and his friends Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Eric (Kevin Connolly). We catch up with the guys from Queens when they’re all in LA just prior to the release of the movie which is sure to secure Vince the status of being ‘the next big thing’.

Drama balances his role as house chef and purveyor of seasoned industry advice against his own struggle to find good roles in the shadow of his brother’s success. Turtle acts as quasi house manager and errand runner who is content, at least initially, to go along with Vince’s ride. Eric is Vince’s Manager, quickly growing into the role as he learns from his successes and mistakes. No discussion of Entourage would be complete without drawing attention to the wonder that is Ari (Jeremy Piven), Vince’s agent. This guy is everything you’d want in an agent. He is ruthless, cut throat, ballsy and one hell of a fast talker under pressure. While Vince is the fictional Hollywood star of the show, Ari would have to be the most entertaining character.

Offering an alternative view of life, love and friendships from a guy’s perspective, Vince and his entourage have such great chemistry and have been given such great scripts and great stories to work with that at times you forget that you are watching fiction. Thought to be drawn from Mark Wahlberg’s experiences in Hollywood (he’s one of the Executive Producers), Entourage deals with the issues which arise from being suddenly thrust into the public eye and surrounded by money, girls and celebrities. This real life basis offers viewers an insider’s guide to the crazy world of celebrity. Adding to the authentic Hollywood experience, the show features a huge cast of guest stars most of which play themselves, including Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Gary Busey.

The accompanying soundtrack is awesome and the locations will have you dreaming of a celebrity life. Be warned though, this show should come with a health warning as it is seriously addictive and will leave you wanting a whole lot more.


  1. kelley

    Would you believe I’ve still never seen an episode of Entourage? Or even The Office? I am still working my way through Season 2 of Lost on DVD. God help me, I really need a TiVO!

    But I am totally up to speed on my Hollywood gossip, at least. (Thanks, InTouch magazine, and your addictive glossy goodness at only $1.99 a pop!)

  2. Tracey

    Hi Kelley – You most definitely have to check out Entourage and The Office, both such excellent shows. It can be hard to fit everything in though. Damn jobs!! I’m glad to hear you’re keeping up with general gossip, it’s so disappointing to fall behind. 8)

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