Goodbye my friend

cemetry.jpgLooking down at his withered, shrunken body, I knew I was already alone. I stood there wondering whether I was somehow to blame for his demise.

I had consulted scientific journals, spoken to so-called experts and dabbled in alternative therapies, but obviously none of my efforts had provided the miracle cure. His limbs, once strong and full of vigour, were left hanging limply by his side. His complexion, once rich and healthy, had become pale and dehydrated.

While the heartbreak is hard to bear, I know I must move on. Next time I’ll buy a more developed seedling.


  1. Jamie

    Aww. The same thing happened to me recently when I tried to grow a bonsai from seed. Lasted a few months and that was it. Better luck next time!

  2. Tomas

    I don’t know whether it is appropriate to say, that’s a good post. Thank you.
    (I say so because I see English only in my Lithuanian-English vocabulary and can’t imagine how my words sound to your ear)
    However, my comments aren’t an apology.
    I fully agree with you that withered plants shine strange power to catch our eyesight, to attract us and to question what is what and why is it as it is.
    Isn’t that symbolical?
    We didn’t sense anything alike while rejoicing at the blossoming of more developed seedling
    Is it not strange? Why is it so?

  3. The Artist

    Love that piece of writing. Feel the same way if one of my plants doesn’t make it. Hope your new tree is strong and vigorous, best wishes, The Artist

  4. Lloyd BRADBURY

    some times i fel lke tre
    doe s any one care for me
    but then i ponder
    is anyone out there younder

  5. jan

    I’m glad that there is another like me. I lost a buckeye tree a while ago and it was almost like losing a pet.

  6. Tracey

    Hi Jamie – I’ve never given bonsai a go myself, but it looks like rather a challenge. Best for everyone if I stay away!

    Hi Tomas – Thanks for your comments. I think sometimes the passing of something gives us more pause for thought then something which continues on.

    Hi The Artist – As always a pleasure to see you passing through!!

    Hi Lloyd – Thanks for the thoughts.

    Hi Jan – Rest assured I get emotional about the passing of anything which lives. Plants and animals have a particular way of working into our lives and into our hearts.

  7. Tisha

    You’re now “it”! You’ve been tagged!!

    Instructions on my blog:-)


  8. El Charolastra

    love dead roses.

  9. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – Cheers. I’ll see what I can do!

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