Survival of the fittest?

DarwinDarwin once wrote about survival of the fittest, but I find myself wishing things were that simple. The old rules no longer apply. The new mantra does not stop at survival, the conqueror now strives to take all.

Of course, not every species aims for this new goal, but there is one species which has taken this creed to heart, helping to ensure that no other species has a chance to compete. I am of course referring to humans.

All species have the ultimate goal of reproducing, growing and colonising. In my opinion a fit species is one which is best able to exploit the boundaries and limitations of its environment without causing adverse impacts. These natural buffers tend to keep species from annihilating the planet with their sheer numbers. As humans no longer live within the natural environment we no longer see these natural barriers as something to stay within, for us they are something to be overcome.

Our intelligence has allowed us to strip forests, erode the land and kill all that stands in our way. Many of us can pretend that this has all been for the greater good. We can light up the sky with electricity, move ourselves around in our cars, enjoy a range of foods and return to a comfortable home at the end of a working day. However this is not the case for everyone. Throughout the world there are many examples of gross inequities which leave some people without freedom, without food or without a home.

As populations sure some have been extraordinarily successful. But as a species we have many populations which are just struggling to survive. As a species then we certainly cannot consider ourselves fit.


  1. Terrapreata

    You got that right Tracey.

    But we can’t keep it up forever. Even we are subject to natural selection and overshoot.

    Only question is how long it takes, and how many species we destroy before we get out own come-uppance — and whether we survive as a species…

    Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later, for our sake as well as all those other species that we are so near to destroying…


  2. Tracey

    Hi TP – Thanks for your comments. I suppose one day it’s all got to come to a point-of-no-return kind of situation. But you’re right, the picture is bigger than just us as a species, it’s also about all those others which we impact on. I just wish more people understood. Cheers.

  3. Tisha

    Well said Tracey!

    Surviving is not living and if we survive by our so-called “intelligence” without living with our environment and fellow human we will wipe out everything and everyone in our path.

  4. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you, we need to return to living within our means and in harmony with the environment.

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