Public Interest Courtesy Rule #3

button.jpgThe thoughtful people responsible for building our roads have worked hard to ensure that pedestrians are able to safely cross roads by installing buttons which can be pressed to indicate a desire to cross said roads. When it is safe to undertake a road crossing, these buttons emit a loud noise, and walk signs light up to conveniently let us know that we may commence crossing the road.

Contrary to a popular urban myth, continued pressing of the walkway button will not result in the traffic lights changing to your favour more quickly. The rule in this case is quite simple, just press the button once and wait patiently for the wondrous technology to weave its magic.

A further important point to consider is that if someone is already waiting to cross at an intersection, it is highly likely that they have already pressed the button. Please do not press the button again, and most certainly do not push waiting pedestrians out of the way to do so.

No one wants to see people hurt in vehicular accidents at intersections, and likewise no one has any desire to see pedestrians struck down by other pedestrians following an outbreak of hand-to-hand combat which may ensue after an episode of button rage occurs.

So remember, press once, or better yet if someone is already waiting to cross at the intersection, assume the work has already been done for you. Before you know it, the lights will change and you’ll be on your way.


  1. seb

    Surely you jest. I reserve all rights to push people out of the way so that I can press the button. M U S T PRESS THAT BUTTON!!!

  2. Tracey

    SEB – I’m pretty sure that’s just a normal human compulsion!

  3. yash

    Hi Tracey. I can say the same thing goes for the elevator call buttons too. And not only pressing it again and again, pressing every available button there! even press the up buton if you want to go down. these people are just sooooo irritating!

  4. Tracey

    Hi Yash – So true. Why must people be so irritating??? 8)

  5. Allison

    I live in Massachusetts and it would be a miracle if someone actually PUSHED the button. People here tend to ignore the button, traffic lights and walk signals – usually the just walk right out into the street. Going to work is like watching a game of chicken between the pedestrians and the cars!

  6. The Artist

    Well expressed, but am afraid I am a presser, if something doesn’t happen will give it another press to make sure it actually connects. This might come from having an old computer that often takes two presses to connect. Will rethink after reading your blog, best wishes, The Artist

  7. Maritza

    How about the people who press the elevator buttons that are already pressed thinking that they have the magic touch that will make it arrive faster? Only I have the magic touch and the damn button has been pressed.

  8. Tracey

    ALLISON – Now that’s an interesting point! Obviously you guys have the opposite problem there.

    THE ARTIST – It’s funny isn’t it. I think there is some human need to just keep pressing, even though we probably realise it won’t make a difference.

    MARITZA – Yep I’ve got a few of those types of people at my work. I’m not sure what game they’re playing at…

  9. Nico

    You should go into politics and get this stuff enacted as legislation 🙂

  10. Tracey

    Hi Nico – Oh yeah! How cool would that be!! But for now, it’s enough for me to just vent my rage unpolitically. 😉

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