REVIEW: The OC Season 4 Premiere Episode – The Avengers

The OCYou may well be wondering just who are these ‘Avengers’ of which I speak? And exactly what (or who) are they avenging? Well if you know even a little of the recent goings on in the OC, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a rough idea of the answers to both of these questions.

After watching an advance screening of the latest Season Premiere, I find myself once again bowing down before the altar of such an easy-on-the-eye, well made and well written production. Truly the OC is not just a place for the rich and powerful to play, it is where great television must be born.

ryan.jpgAfter such a powerful third season close which ended with Marisa Cooper’s (Mischa Barton) death, you may be forgiven for thinking this next episode would pale in comparison and follow a predictable path. Could we have foreseen some of what happens? Yeah sure, there are predictable elements but they are served up to us in such an irresistible package that we really have no option but to enjoy.

The episode opens some five months after Marisa’s death and we are given a snapshot of how the main characters have been affected by her death; as you would expect some have been harder hit than others. We then backtrack to 36 hours earlier and discover that not all is as it once was.

Taking a brief look at the main issues and intrigues in play:

  1. Some tensions arise in one of the parental relationships.
  2. A bad girl becomes somehow more despicably alluring.
  3. A resident bad boy ‘baddens’ up (and buffs up) his image.
  4. Some distance grows between one of the key OC couples.
  5. Paris moves just a little closer to home.

And Sandy’s hair looks great…hang on, Sandy’s hair always looks great, but still sometimes it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious.

It almost goes without saying that once again the soundtrack is a killer and we are left wanting more, more, more. Thank goodness I hear you say! We can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The OC is back on our screens…All is once again well in the world.