Hey Jude!

JudeNo I’m not talking about ‘The Beatles’, but I am talking about a serious musician, Jude Christodal, an American singer-songwriter creating beautiful, awe-inspiring music.

While other artists may compromise their art to get ahead and achieve greater commercial success, Jude has followed his own path, staying true to himself and his music. So now, lucky for us, it’s all about the fans.

Aside from an impressive back catalogue of music, Jude has also received extensive coverage in a variety of movies and television shows. His music has featured on TV shows such as Felicity, Alias and Smallville, and several movies including City of Angels and Not Another Teen Movie. But the really exciting news is that Jude’s song ‘Save Me’ will be featured in the OC Season 4 premiere screening (in America at least) on November 2, 2006. And we all know that getting a song on the OC is BIG NEWS!

Perhaps one of these days he will grace our Australian shores for a visit??…here’s hoping. Thankfully his new album ‘Redemption’ will be released later in November, so that is definitely something to look forward to. But until then at least we enjoy a snippet of Jude on the OC. So do your best to be watching, or at the very least, listening.