A little obsession called … woodland

Woodlands, and the creatures that traditionally dwell within them, have long been an obsession of mine … though I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps I can blame the fact that I read far too many British books as a child. The pages of such books tended to heavily feature mysterious forests, and enchanting characters in the form of rabbits, foxes, deer, and owls. Is it that I’m just naturally drawn to the wonders of a natural world that is so very different to that of what I know from Australia? Or maybe it’s because woodland creatures are just so damn cute!

Whatever the reason, maybe you share a woodland obsession too? If so, come and join me in further indulging your woodland fixation within the world of madeit.

Top Row (left to right):

  1. Deer Gift Tags, $6 by Bowerbird Design (I adore the colour of these … and look, DEER!).
  2. Oh! Deer! $50 by Pepper Stitches (much as I try to convince myself otherwise, you’re never too old for a soft toy).
  3. Forest Button / Badge Set, $6 by Tabitha Emma (wear your obsession always).

Bottom Row (left to right):

  1. Zoology Brooch – Rabbit, $12 by Pannikin (so cute, this one’s clearly very happy in his woodland world).
  2. Winter Woods Earrings, $29 by that vintage (because every good woodland needs at least two bunnies).
  3. Forest Tote, $45 by mooma (a forest you can put stuff in … amazing!).

After looking at all the lovely woodland inspired beauties on offer, I’m thinking I could very easily create my own little forest at home and surround myself with an ever attentive audience of rabbits, deer, badgers, and the like … hmm, I’m wondering whether this obsession may eventually become more than just a little embarrassing…