Final March Challenge Update: the last 7 days

With one week down already in April, it’s definitely time for me to share my final March Challenge update. It was lots of fun to think about all the different things I did in each day and to be more mindful of how I spend my time in all those little moments.

March Challenge: day 25 to 28

  • Day 25: Made a natural hair rinse – When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I’m normally a Kiehl’s girl, but I’m trying a different brand at the moment and wanted to give my hair a ‘refresh’ with a rinse. My hair has never been shinier or healthier (you’re amazing Apple Cider Vinegar).
  • Day 26: Measured the garden beds – This has been a long overdue task. Now I have a much better idea of what plants will fit where and exactly what kind of plants I need for each area.
  • Day 27: Went to a movie – While I love movies, I rarely go out to the cinema any more. This is mainly because it’s ridiculously expensive and other people suck. But it was nice to catch ‘My Week With Marilyn’ before it finished.
  • Day 28: Lunched with a work friend – Since leaving my day job for an extended break late last year, I haven’t caught up with anyone from the office. It was good to get a taste of all the gossip and recent happenings without having to venture anywhere near my desk.

March Challenge: day 29 to 31

  • Day 29: Got my eyebrows threaded – I shall now be saying a permanent goodbye to waxing and going with threading from now on. It was much less painful and gave a much better result.
  • Day 30: Took Baxter to the park – Because he’s an old dog who’s never really enjoyed walks, we tend to exercise him mainly within the backyard. But seeing how happy this walk to the local park made him, well I think a new routine has begun.
  • Day 31: Planted the first vege seeds – The broccoli and cauliflower were the first seeds to get planted, and it was exciting to see that they have already sprouted. I’m looking forward to planting them in the garden (once I get that organised) when they’re a bit bigger.

I’m hoping April brings with it lots more fun and interesting things, but perhaps a little less illness (I got sick three times during the month!). April is the birthday month of the Mr and the time of year when autumn really starts to take hold (YAY!). I hope the start of the month has treated you well and much happiness is abounding!

March Challenge: day 13 to 24

Oops … so it’s been a little while since my last ‘March Challenge’ update, but perhaps that reveals just how much I’ve been enjoying these little daily differences. While I’ll be sad when the challenge is finished, it’s definitely inspired me to continue making small positive changes in my day … I say YAY to more fun and randomness.

March Challenge: Day 13 to 16

  • Day 13: Bought myself some flowers – It’s been ages since I did this, but I love having fresh flowers in the home. Carnations are my favourite (as you saw in the previous post).
  • Day 14: Completed my longest run (so far) on the treadmill – I am really loving becoming a runner again. This was my longest run to date without a break, reaching 28 minutes. Honestly, I cannot recommend the ‘Couch-to-5k’ program enough.
  • Day 15: Bought lunch instead of making my own – When it comes to lunch normally I’m a creature of habit, making a salad and cheese sandwich each and every day. But on this day, I treated myself to a mixed salad of lentils and felafel.
  • Day 16: Finally picked up ‘The Big Issue’ – I’ve read this magazine before, but seemed incapable of remembering to buy a copy for myself. I laughed when I saw the feature for this month – on none other than Ewan McGregor (I’m a big fan).

March Challenge: Day 17 to 20

  • Day 17: Went out for a coffee date – The Mr and I normally stay quite close to home on weekends, but we went out to a local bakery cafe and enjoyed a coffee and a sweet treat.
  • Day 18: Read instead of wrote – Writing is a part of each and every one of my days, but today I took a breather from it and started reading ‘If You Want to Write’. I’m getting a lot from it and will tell you more about another time.
  • Day 19: Sorted out my wardrobe – It’s taken me a long time to get my wardrobe streamlined, so today was all about making sure it was organised. Now I can find everything I own straight away.
  • Day 20: Browsed through a new secondhand store – I’d been meaning to visit this store for ages, but today was the day I actually stopped for a browse. I was happy to discover it’s an op shop with genuine bargain prices. I’ll definitely be back.

March Challenge: Day 21 to 24

  • Day 21: Trimmed an annoying tree – There is a bottlebrush tree that grows across my driveway and it’s been annoying me for months. Every time I got into or out of the car the low hanging branches would get in my way. Not any more though!
  • Day 22: Replaced the smoke detectors – I’m embarrassed to admit just how long it’s been since we’ve had functional smoke detectors in our house. This task is perhaps a little boring, but oh so important. Even Jones was excited!
  • Day 23: Started re-teaching myself crochet – I haven’t crocheted in years, but it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a while now. I’m slowly re-learning stitches and will hopefully get myself to a place where I can crochet a blanket for winter.
  • Day 24: Planned the autumn vege garden plantings – I’m so looking forward to growing some veges this year, and now is the time to get planting. I haven’t got too carried away with what I’ll be growing, I’ve just stuck to things that we currently eat.

So that leaves me with just the final update to come, where I’ll be letting you know what I got up to during the rest of March. I hope the month has been a good one for you. I actually thought March would be an ‘active’ month for me, but getting sick a couple of times slowed me down and gave me the opportunity to really think through a lot of things I’ve needed to get straight in my head for a while. So it looks like March will be remembered as a month of ‘different things’ and lots of thinking, while April will be a month of putting all that thought into action. Excitement awaits! What have you been up to? Let’s inspire each other! :)

March Challenge: the first 12 days

Can you believe how quickly this month of March is going by? I’m quite convinced the days are racing by faster than ever. Given that we’ve already arrived at the twelfth day of the month, I think it’s about time for me to do a status update on my March challenge to ‘Do Something Different Every Day’ … by the way, it’s never too late to join in if you’re so inclined.

March Challenge - the first four days.

  • Day 1: Made Vegan Jam Slice – This is actually the first thing I’ve made from the ‘Rose Bakery: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea’ cookbook (it won’t be the last).
  • Day 2: Took photos with my Holga – The Mr gifted me with this camera for Christmas, so it was about time I loaded some film and started taking photos.
  • Day 3: Watched Jane Eyre – I’d been wanting to see this for ages, but was waiting for the right time. I was struggling with sickness and the weather was rainy, so it seemed perfect. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a very big fan of Michael Fassbender either.
  • Day 4: Planted cat grass for Jones – Sometimes I feel bad for Jones being an indoors cat, so I made him a little indoor garden of cat grass. He really loves chewing on this.

March Challenge: Day 5 to 8

  • Day 5: Shopped somewhere else – These shops are quite close to us, so I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to visit. I bought some lunch supplies which were fine, but the place was like the living dead, so I doubt I’ll go back.
  • Day 6: Wore my gumboots in the rain – These babies have been waiting for rainy weather to make their grand entrance into the world. Finally the rains returned, and these boots were pulled on.
  • Day 7: Breakfast with a friend at a new cafe – Pourboy Espresso has actually been open for quite some time, but it was my first visit here with a dear friend. We both went with the ‘House Made Granola with Earl Grey Prunes and Granny Smith Apple’ (and coffee of course). So delicious!
  • Day 8: Tried ‘Morning Red’ tea – I’m very loyal to English Breakfast tea, so it was hard for me to step outside my comfort zone. However, I’m very happy to say that this tea is absolutely wonderful. Similar to how I drink English Breakfast at any time of the day, I don’t just drink this in the mornings. Tea rebel!

March Challenge: Day 9 to 12.

  • Day 9: Chose reading over online – It’s been way too long since I’ve just downed tools and stepped away from the computer. Getting sick made me think about how I rarely take time out for myself. So today was all about magazines and books.
  • Day 10: New ‘coffee bean’ yoghurt flavour – I’m a very big fan of the ‘five:am’ yoghurt range, and they recently introduced this very tasty flavour. The only trouble is that it sells out really quickly. Hello coffee!
  • Day 11: Visited a local bakery for a spinach pastry – When it comes to lunch I am very much a creature of habit, so it was nice to finally drop into this bakery and try something different. This spinach and feta filo pastry was divine!
  • Day 12: Went to a gymstick class – This is a new group fitness class that’s started recently at my gym. It unfortunately bumped a favourite class of mine off the schedule, but I’m willing to forgive it.

I’ve been really enjoying the flexibility of this challenge. As you can see, some of my ‘different’ things are just little changes … but it’s been wonderful to have an excellent reason to do all those things I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I hate creative restrictions for the most part, and will always do my best to rebel against them … so a loosely structured challenge like this is just perfect. How about you? Have you been enjoying anything ‘different’ so far this March?

PS. After resisting for so long, I’ve finally joined instagram (you’ll find me on there as tracey_sargent). I use it to chart my daily progress on the March challenge (amongst lots of photos of my cat and dog).