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Current Mantra - courtesy Caren Baginski

Finding the pieces which fit

I love jigsaw puzzles. Always have, probably always will. I love jigsaws probably for the same reason I like maths or chemical formulas – there’s always an answer. It’s either correct or it’s not. It either fits or it doesn’t. For someone… (READ MORE)

Life beyond a dirty window

As you’d expect, when I’m writing I spend a lot of time at the desk in my home office. My desk faces a wall, and there is a window positioned to my left. Throughout much of the year I keep… (READ MORE)

On doing and becoming (a writer)

The act of writing is easy enough. One simply puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and repeats as necessary. In making the journey from writing to writer however, things can start feeling more complicated. Unlike professions which require… (READ MORE)

Knowing isn’t everything

So I know this person who always wants me to tell her how things end. If she hears that I’ve seen a particular movie or read a certain book, she isn’t interested in knowing whether I thought it was any… (READ MORE)

Shadows in the Garden

Hello dear reader, are you having a good week? I certainly hope so. If I push to one side all the deep thinking I’ve been occupying myself with (because that’s all rather exhausting and ho-hum), things are pretty OK with… (READ MORE)

Dreaming of escape

Perhaps the reason I’ve been more there than here, is because I’ve been spending too much time in my head. There just seems to be more stuff than usual to think about. Or maybe I’m a little too preoccupied with… (READ MORE)

What I was going to do on the weekend

How was your weekend? I hope it was grand and filled with many wondrous adventures. I enjoyed a relatively low-key, home-based weekend, and did my best to keep the stress bunnies away and eating their anti-relaxation carrots somewhere else. I… (READ MORE)

Quietening the Material Noise…

There is no question in my mind that this year will be a very big year, it seems to be rushing by ever so quickly and is already almost one quarter gone. In looking forward to my busy future I’ve… (READ MORE)

Journey in a life

There is one ultimate truth that we all must accept. Just as we are born, we must also die. The first experience is not something we can concern ourselves with, but the second is different; it’s something which is always… (READ MORE)