A little obsession called … woodland

Woodlands, and the creatures that traditionally dwell within them, have long been an obsession of mine … though I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps I can blame the fact that I read far too many British books as a child. The pages of such books tended to heavily feature mysterious forests, and enchanting characters in the form of rabbits, foxes, deer, and owls. Is it that I’m just naturally drawn to the wonders of a natural world that is so very different to that of what I know from Australia? Or maybe it’s because woodland creatures are just so damn cute!

Whatever the reason, maybe you share a woodland obsession too? If so, come and join me in further indulging your woodland fixation within the world of madeit.

Top Row (left to right):

  1. Deer Gift Tags, $6 by Bowerbird Design (I adore the colour of these … and look, DEER!).
  2. Oh! Deer! $50 by Pepper Stitches (much as I try to convince myself otherwise, you’re never too old for a soft toy).
  3. Forest Button / Badge Set, $6 by Tabitha Emma (wear your obsession always).

Bottom Row (left to right):

  1. Zoology Brooch – Rabbit, $12 by Pannikin (so cute, this one’s clearly very happy in his woodland world).
  2. Winter Woods Earrings, $29 by that vintage (because every good woodland needs at least two bunnies).
  3. Forest Tote, $45 by mooma (a forest you can put stuff in … amazing!).

After looking at all the lovely woodland inspired beauties on offer, I’m thinking I could very easily create my own little forest at home and surround myself with an ever attentive audience of rabbits, deer, badgers, and the like … hmm, I’m wondering whether this obsession may eventually become more than just a little embarrassing…

Inspired by Robin Hood…

The recent release of another Robin Hood film (this one starring Russell Crowe), has me thinking about all those things I associate with that particular hero of Sherwood Forest. I am reminded of how much sentimental worth I attach to that other film, ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ (which starred Kevin Costner). I adore Prince of Thieves, probably not so much because it’s a particularly great film (it’s been too long since I’ve seen it to know either way), but because it was a real movie ‘event’ from my younger days.

When Prince of Thieves was released, the year was 1991 and I was in my second year of High School. I went to see the film with my group of friends on a Saturday afternoon in the city (at a time when going to ‘the city’ without an adult was a VERY big deal). When I think on that film experience and those pleasant memories, I am overcome with a tremendous sense of warmth and comfort. I’m yet to see the latest film offering, but I figure it can’t go too far wrong given the cast, the director, the characters and the generally familiar storyline involved.

I thought I’d share some etsy goodies to help show a little of what Robin Hood brings to my mind. The lovely tunic above would be just the thing for any fair maiden to match with a beautiful skirt or pair of trousers (buy from UnderReconstruction). The gloriously green fingerless knit gloves on the right would be perfect for all manner of forest activities and would keep your fingers free for those times when a bow and arrow is needed (buy from TickledPinkKnits).

Perhaps some jewellery is more your arrow-related style? This dark brass pair is rather lovely (buy from eclecticmoi). Of course, nothing says Robin Hood more than a peaked felt hat (worn at a slight tilt of course). There’s every chance that wearing this number will give you the power to lead (or attract) your own band of merry men (buy from RazzamatazzHollywood).

Apart from finding yourself the right kind of hat, a great pair of boots is an absolute essential. This lovely pair is a wonderful dark forest green colour and will keep your legs nice and warm – whether you’re dressed in tights or not (buy from SallyJaneVintage). If you were after a lovely Robin Hood inspired frock, I think this one is quite a delight – apart from being a vintage beauty in its own right, just check out that amazing arrow embroidery (buy from UnderCapricorn).

After you’ve had a busy day of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, you’ll no doubt have a few trinkets left over for yourself (any self-employed person knows how important it is to pay yourself first). But where to store your treasures? Why in a lovely (lockable) timber chest of course (buy from UncommonEye). I’ve never been there, but I tend to think it might get pretty cold in the depths of Sherwood Forest. However, with this lovely scarf wrapped around your neck you’ll be both stylishly camouflaged and toasty warm (buy from trishafern).