A scattered kind of week …

Hello there, how’s your week been treating you? Mine has been a bit all over the place to be honest … and that has left me feeling a bit ‘walnutty’ … you know, kind of like I just want to curl up and hide away from the world for a little while. Do you sometimes feel like that too?

There’s no real explanation for such a mood, it just feels like there are a lot of little things which have added together to make the big things (like my mind) seem more scattered than usual … So I thought that a lovely fresh bunch of flowers might help us all out. Aren’t they pretty?

Flowers to brighten the day

I’ve been cleaning and re-organising my home office once again, and I made the decision to clear the shelf above my desk (it’s normally filled with books). While I still have various animal guardians looking over me as I type, it felt like something else was missing … but as soon as I saw this cheerful bunch of flowers at the local store, I knew they were just the thing I was looking for.

One of my botany tutors at Uni told me that she hated her boyfriend buying her fresh flowers as they ‘were already dead and she didn’t want dead things in her house’. While I can appreciate her perspective, I tend to disagree with that rather macabre point of view – I think freshly cut flowers are a way to introduce life and light into the home. I know they’ve certainly brightened my immediate view.

So, what else have I been up to? Apart from work, not much to be honest … and yet at the same time I feel like there’s been a lot going on:

  • I’ve been thinking about my planned trip to Japan, whether that will still happen and how I can help a country that will have such a long road to recovery. I’ve been making donations where I can – Primoeza is holding a wonderful sweater raffle to raise money for the Red Cross, Katie is taking part in the Japan Quake Appeal Raffle to raise money for Global Giving, Shelter Box are raising money to provide shelter and supplies for families, and Ark Bark are accepting donations to care for animals made homeless during the disaster.
  • Some parcels arrived recently, including a lovely package of papery goodness from Gracia & Louise, and Hila‘s beautiful book – ‘The Elements of In-Between‘ (I’ll tell you in more detail about both new arrivals another time).
  • I’m trying out a new fancy facial cleanser, and I’m almost out of shampoo … so clearly there are some big decisions to make in the cosmetic department soon.
  • We’re contemplating adding another furry family member to our household, in the form of a cat (adopted from the pound of course) … but a few logistical issues have to be sorted out before we can commit.
  • I’ve been culling more clothes, shoes and accessories from my wardrobe. I’m even starting to see the results of my efforts as more free ‘space’ is revealed … not space to fill with more things, just space to appreciate for the potential it creates.
  • The second issue of ‘Bespoke‘ hit the shelves this week, and apart from being a wonderful treat in itself (and produced with love by Jess), this issue also features an article written by me! So if you always wanted to know ‘How to Find Your Vintage Fashion Era’, then hopefully my introductory guide (based around iconic films of each era from 1920 to 1970) will help.

So there you have it. Aside from promising to catch up with you all this week (whether that’s by email or via a blog visit), that’s about all from me for now. How are things in your world? Has life been making you feel a bit ‘walnutty’ too?