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::: I was busy writing, I was overcome by a sudden desparate need to bake a loaf of bread from scratch (a sourdough rye loaf if you’re interested). All that mixing and kneading, getting the hands alternately sticky and flour-covered… (READ MORE)

Mocha Macarons

This was a first for me … I’ve never before played around with the dark art of macaron making. It was a lot of faffing about with different things and precise instructions (not my favourite way of cooking), and while… (READ MORE)

Living dangerously in the kitchen …

… (and I’m not talking about the knives).┬áDo you play it safe in the kitchen? Are you a must-follow-the-rules kind of person? I always thought I was pretty much like that, but I’ve come to realise that I’m actually a… (READ MORE)

Long weekends … time enough for baking

Did you have a lovely extra long weekend? As this wonderful collection of public holidays draws to a close, I found a moment to sit down with a piece of chocolate slice and a cup of tea … it also… (READ MORE)

Cookies vs Biscuits

Do you ever find yourself contemplating the big questions of the universe? After all, there’s plenty in this world to think about. For instance … Why do pets always need to be let out the back door as soon as… (READ MORE)

The BEST EVER Choc Coconut Slice Recipe

Are you a choc coconut slice aficionado like me? If so, do read on as I’m about to share the recipe for the greatest Choc Coconut Slice of all time! … That’s a big claim I know, but please believe… (READ MORE)