By the sea

To the Sea

Lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts, and I’m not sure of the cause. Perhaps it’s the unseasonably warm start to spring. Or maybe the sight of blooming Jacaranda trees shedding purple throughout Queensland streets. Possibly it’s due to the… (READ MORE)

The Light Between Oceans

Book Review: The Light Between Oceans

In my semi-regular wanderings through the crowded shelves of bookstores, I’d noticed this book many times, but for some curious reason I never bothered to take a closer look. All that changed recently when a friend recommended I read ‘The… (READ MORE)

Ryokan Koto No Yume

Three days in Takayama (Japan Part 2)

Offering a perfect contrast to the urban landscape of Tokyo, a visit to Takayama provided a wonderful interlude before we made our way towards Kyoto. The trip on the bullet train was a lovely experience in itself, with many of… (READ MORE)


Six days in Tokyo (Japan Part 1)

Four months have passed since I returned from a magical two weeks in Japan. Even though it seems like just yesterday that I returned home, it’s about time I summarised what I got up to in the crazy wonderful madness of… (READ MORE)

Love With A Chance of Drowning

Book Review: Love With A Chance of Drowning

As a general rule I don’t read love stories or travel memoirs. So there were already two major factors working against the likelihood that I’d enjoy ‘Love With A Chance of Drowning’. But like any arbitrarily drawn rule, exceptions can… (READ MORE)

Feathers for the glide

Flapping towards the glide

Cities are spaces traditionally defined by a clash of jarring sounds. But that’s not always guaranteed and it’s certainly not a constant. The unrhythmic nature of this background noise defines the unexpected periods of quiet, drawing our attention to the… (READ MORE)

A tree-filled view

All good things are wild and free

When anyone asks me where I live, I say ‘Brisbane’ … but that’s not quite true. I actually live in one of the outermost northern suburbs of Brisbane – just over 20km from the city. In fact, it’s so far… (READ MORE)

Recent readings

On Doing and Not Doing

It’s the day before spring in my little part of the world, so it seems appropriate to breathe some fresh air into this space and make things ready for visitors once more. It’s high time I cleared the mess of… (READ MORE)

Lazy days

It’s been a slow start to the new year. The crows are creaking outside against a background chorus of buzzing insects. I’m watching tennis with the sound muted because the tv antenna needs fixing and hearing the pop and crackle… (READ MORE)