A Year in Review

I always knew that 2015 would be a challenging, change-filled year. And you better believe it, the past twelve months definitely delivered on both fronts. But expectation and reality are often two vastly different beasts. You never quite know how and when the low and high points will show themselves. That is, until you’re right there, in the midst of the experience. I was caught equally off guard by the depth of the lows and the vast reach of the highs.

2015 was a year of learning. And that’s not just about the formal studies I completed, but more to do with gaining knowledge on a deeper level. In facing the challenges of the year I was forced to (sometimes very reluctantly) streamline, simplify and strip my life back to the absolute essentials. But in letting go, I came to know myself. To understand who I am and what is really important.

I’m also particularly grateful for the incredible power of yoga to draw amazing people together, because this year has invited the most wonderful people into my life. So thanks for those gifts, 2015.

It’s now been more than twelve months since I left behind my full-time, corporate existence. Since stepping onto the teacher’s mat and taking a seat behind my writing desk, it honestly feels like my life has started again. I’m more open, more myself, and more alive than ever before. It’s like I had to go on this amazingly epic, eye-opening journey just so I could arrive back home.

In transitioning into the new year I move from learning to ‘levelling up’ in lots of different ways. I’m taking on new classes, heading to Sydney for a fantastic retreat in February, and soaking up all kinds of knowledge from a year-long business mentorship program which kicks off in early January.

While I’m grateful for the transformative lessons of the year behind me, I’m more than ready to launch into all the exciting, sparkling potential of the year ahead.
See you there.

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  1. Kate

    It’s been a very challenging year. I’m not sure I have even digested how challenging. I agree the highs and lows have caught me out too. I’ll step away from daily longhaul commuting this year and even the thought of it makes me feel more myself.

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