Wrapped in plastic (no more)

Sometimes being eco-friendly is so super easy you wonder why the whole world isn’t taking the same approach. There are so many little ways you can make a difference – most especially in the way you use and consume products. It’s not all that difficult to recycle, compost or shop with reusable grocery bags (though admittedly I struggle to remember that last one).

Recently I’ve been looking for an alternative to cling wrap, because it seems ridiculous to use brand new plastic to temporarily seal leftovers or store open items in the fridge. During my search for more environmentally-friendly, plastic-free options I happened to come across a giveaway hosted by Artisan House. The prize just so happened to be a pack of reusable wraps made by Honeybee Wrap.
And wouldn’t you know it, I won!

honeybee wraps

After playing around with the wraps for a little while, I’m completely convinced – they are amazing!! They fold flat, are perfect for wrapping all sorts of goodies and work by using the warmth of your hands to mould and shape over your food or dishes. Each wrap is made from organic cotton which has been infused with organic beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil. While I’ve got a fair amount of time to confirm the truth of this claim – it’s suggested that provided the wraps are properly looked after, they’ll last for a year or so. A much better outcome than the use-once-and-throw-away mentality of plastic cling wrap.

reusable wraps

Just look at my lovely bowl of chopped kale, covered in a wrap and nonchalantly hanging out on the couch … a thing of beauty, yes?

If you’re similarly trying to limit the amount of plastic you bring into your home and subsequently throw in the bin, I would wholeheartedly recommend these wraps for keeping your food fresh. Plus, after you’ve moulded them into place they leave a really lovely fragrance on your hands … like a subtle remembrance of bees.