I am a golden (parmesan) god

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Remember that scene in Almost Famous where Stillwater’s lead singer Russell (Billy Crudup) ends up on the roof and before he jumps, proclaims to his adoring fans, ‘I am a golden god’? Well I do, and whipping up a batch of delicious, golden-hued vegan parmesan cheese on the weekend did indeed make me feel rather omnipotent.
Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Dairy and I haven’t been the best of friends for some time now, and while I haven’t been 100% strict about removing it from my diet (so far), I generally avoid all things cow milk based because they tend to make me feel pretty sick (probably because I eat it so infrequently). So I’ve discovered all sorts of clever ways to alter traditionally cheese-rich meals like Nachos and Pasta, but up until now I didn’t really have a solution for homemade pizzas.

Potato & Olive Pizza (vegan style)

In the past I’ve tried a few dairy replacements like soy cheese (not a great texture and oh so many chemicals) and Daiya (really good, but very expensive and it can be hard to source), but a quick, easy, healthy and tasty alternative had up until now eluded me. Thank goodness for the wonders of the internet which allowed me to find the recipe for Vegan Parmesan Cheese (over at Minimalist Baker). My potato and olive pizza was perfection with the addition of this magical ingredient (and it’s oh so easy to make).

You should definitely make yourself a batch and come join the golden (parmesan) god crew. It’s really, really good over here.


  1. bobbi

    Yes, vegan parmesan is like gold. And i soooo agree with you on how difficult it is to find a good substitute for mozzarella on homemade pizza! It is my only big issue that is keeping me from becoming a 100% vegan. Oh well, that and cappuccino. When i’m in a bar and there is no vegan choice I’ll have cow milk cappuccino. I’m baaaad. And ice cream. But that is only during summer. Right?

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Bobbi – I can’t believe I’ve never made vegan parmesan before, and it was so quick & easy too. I’m lucky that in Australia cow milk alternatives are widely available at most coffee shops, so I can still get my delicious coffee made on soy, almond, rice, coconut, or oat milk! I’m not much of an ice cream eater to be honest (I think it makes me feel a little funky), but I say do whatever is necessary to keep yourself cool in summer. I’ve recently discovered coconut milk ice cream here and it is AMAZING (though not all that healthy). I never think it’s all that helpful to place too many rigid rules on ourselves when it comes to food and drink. You’re not bad, you’re awesome!! xx

  2. tinyWOOLF

    i’ve no vegan, but i brought home from london two vegan cookbooks, simply because they looked so mouth watering good (both the books & the recipes). i discovered nutritional yeast in one macaroni cheese and brought the yeast from the health food shop. i haven’t tried it, but your link convinces me all over again, and so i shall. thxs for the confirmation! n♥

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