Things I have loved about Lost

There have been many television shows which have won me over heart and soul with their characters, their writing and their storylines (such as Buffy, Angel, and Love My Way). Over the years spent in the company of these shows there haven often been ups and downs in terms of the quality of the episodes or the twists and turns taken by the plot – in fact it’s just something I’ve come to expect from any television show.

All that changed when a little program called ‘Lost’ swept its way into my life. I have been completely smitten with the world and mysteries of ‘Lost’ from day one. Notice how I didn’t mention my feelings towards the characters? Well there’s a reason for that … oh my, those characters … where to begin?

To say that I came to care for those characters feels like a serious understatement, especially considering I’ve cared for many a television character in the past. The ‘Lost’ experience was so very different and made those characters a part of my world in much the same way as I became a part of theirs. After recently watching the heartbreakingly beautiful and exceedingly wonderful ‘Lost’ series finale I find that I’m missing so many of those characters already. I’m already making future plans to watch the entire six seasons all over again.

The things I most love about ‘Lost’ (and therefore miss the most):

John Locke’s smile and hearing Desmond say, ‘brother’:

Jack’s stubbornness and Sawyer’s determination (and his relationship with Juliet):

Sayid’s calm capability (and relationship with Shannon), and hearing the rustling of plants which signified Vincent’s approach:

… Pretty much everyone:

I’m feeling somewhat emotionally drained tonight now that the ‘Lost’ journey is complete, but also feeling so very satisfied by the ending. I’m sure my poor heavy heart will soon recover in time for another viewing …


  1. Ania

    I miss it already! It was such such a good show. We watched it with a bunch of our best friends together over the last three seasons. Now I’ll also miss getting together with them on such a regular basis… No other show will do! 🙂
    .-= Ania´s last blog ..under construction =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ania – Oh I definitely know what you mean … I felt like I pretty much started missing Lost the moment it ended. I just can’t believe how much I came to care for those characters … One good thing about the show finishing is that now I can look forward to going back and watching the entire series all over again – LOST marathon here we come! 🙂

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