Lovely round morsels of magnets & macaroons

There’s something quite appealing about the curve of a line that travels smoothly from start to finish in unbroken fashion, turning away until it meets itself once more. The symmetry of the circle has long captivated human thought, has inspired the contemplation of true perfection, and has served as a fundamental of geometrical studies for countless generations of maths students. I can’t imagine what life was like before I understood the meaning of radius, diameter, circumference and that little number we like to call Pi. And perhaps more importantly, just where would I be if I didn’t know how to cut a round cake into the optimal number of pieces?

At the recent Brisbane Finders-Keepers Markets I picked up all sorts of lovely goodies (which I’ll gradually get around to featuring on the site), amongst which can be found these gorgeous little ceramic-topped magnets from Australian boutique stationery label Little Jane Street. Such an adorable richness of roundish goodness which came packaged in this lovely hand-stitched cotton bag.

Little Jane St.

Apart from the application of roundness to practical items like magnets, happily the circle also finds its place amongst the best sweet treats of the world.

The range of colours and contrasting textures of macaroons have made these light and chewy goodies a long-standing favourite of mine. So pretty, and just oh so tasty… it’s nice to know that circles are looking after our taste-buds as well. These beautiful macaroons came from Twist n Roll – a local French style catering business based in Brisbane. Yum!

French Macaroons by Twist n Roll

So the next time all the straight lines and hard edges of the world get you down, think of the humble circle and remember that a start will always curve towards its finish regardless of where you begin…


  1. Paul

    Yum! Macar oo ns. Circles are c oo l.
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..different senses, different shoes =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hey Paul – Thanks so much for your lovely circular comments!! You certainly brought a smile to my face! 😉

  2. shraddha

    wow…my daughter would love love love those…
    .-= shraddha´s last blog ..Picking Berries =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Shraddha – I completely understand how much your daughter would love these… As you can see, I certainly couldn’t resist temptation!! 8)

  3. Lisa

    On days when the darkest of rain showers hold court, there’s always ladylike comfort to be found in long-established petit fours (especially the delicately fragranced macaroon.) Even with macaroons calculated ways of circumference, and internal spiral always out of reach of its elusive perimeter, I certainly wouldn’t turn down the dainty pastry, especially when its inner-math loves to joyfully circle around my heart.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Sing a Song for Sixpence =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Lisa – Oh yes, your words ring so true. There is nothing quite so delightful as being safely ensconced in the warmth of the indoors while rain falls heavily outside and the wind claws at the bolted window (I adore how you talk about the ‘rain showers holding court’… that is such a beautiful description!).

      There is indeed a wonderful charm and feminine delicacy to the humble delights of the macaroon and I, like you, would certainly never be able to turn away or resist such an enticing offer.

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