Things Once Lost Have Now Returned…Part One of Three

This is the first of three ‘things’ which have recently returned to me…my apologies for those not living in Brisbane who may find this post has little relevance for them in content. However I’m sure you’ve all experienced the same kind of thing in your life – where those precious things (which can become precious for any number of reasons) that you thought had disappeared forever, one day pass into your life once more.

So what seems like it was an age ago, when it fact it was exactly eight years ago, some work colleagues told me about a restaurant in Brisbane that sounded like a place which I would really like to go to. I vowed to one day book a table at this restaurant.

Fast forward a few months and I’d moved to Canberra, and given that I was now living in another state and had other priorities (such as starting a new job and getting married) thoughts of this restaurant had passed from my mind.

Several years passed by and I eventually returned to Brisbane though once again had other priorities on my mind other than finding obscure restaurants (such as trying to find a new house and find a new job). After a while from time to time I would find that I would try and remember the name of the restaurant. Unfortunately though I didn’t have too much to work with, really just a vague description. I knew that it was an Asian restaurant, that tables were screened off for privacy and that it was located somewhere in ‘the Valley’. Try as I might whenever I plugged in those loose bits of information into google, I invariably came up empty.

That was until a couple of weeks ago when I was idling away some time on the computer trying to find a decent vegetarian breakfast place in Brisbane (no easy feat), and found myself on a food review site. While I found no mention of good veggie breakfast food, I did find a lengthy discussion on an Asian restaurant in the Valley which was famed for great food, and privately screened off tables…I’d finally found my restaurant.

Apparently Garuva advertises only by word of mouth and therefore doesn’t bother with expensive marketing campaigns, so no wonder it took me so long to find it. So after many years of wondering and searching, now I just have to book a table and hope that it is as good as I think it will be.

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  1. Paul

    You’re right about it being hard to find. I’ve lived here for twenty years and never found it. That Beef Baha looks scrumptious. I’m going and I’m gonna tell them you sent me. And your writing is beautiful as always. You have such style and poise in your prose.

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