Buttery toast ... mmm

Excuse me while I read

Things have been busy at work of late, which means that spare time normally dedicated to writing has been spent in mindless exhaustion. But I haven’t been completely unproductive. I finally watched 30 Rock (after abandoning it years before), the… (READ MORE)

Lazy days

It’s been a slow start to the new year. The crows are creaking outside against a background chorus of buzzing insects. I’m watching tennis with the sound muted because the tv antenna needs fixing and hearing the pop and crackle… (READ MORE)

Trying to find a new balance

A recent return to a full-time working week, has reminded me that I’m extraordinarily bad at finding balance. You could say that I’m always swinging perilously close to one extreme or another. “I either feel 100% in control or not at all,… (READ MORE)

On doing and becoming (a writer)

The act of writing is easy enough. One simply puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and repeats as necessary. In making the journey from writing to writer however, things can start feeling more complicated. Unlike professions which require… (READ MORE)

Strange days

Yesterday was the strangest day. The thing about strange days is they remind you about the fragility of connections – something that as a writer, I’m growing to appreciate more and more. My anxiety levels were running at about 300%… (READ MORE)

Shadows in the Garden

Hello dear reader, are you having a good week? I certainly hope so. If I push to one side all the deep thinking I’ve been occupying myself with (because that’s all rather exhausting and ho-hum), things are pretty OK with… (READ MORE)

A Sense for Writing

Hi there! How have the days been treating you? I’ve been feeling a little reflective lately (more so than usual), thinking about life and other important stuff. Having my days revolve around writing means that I spend a lot of… (READ MORE)

Starting the year on the write note

I’ve spoken before about this year being THE year for me to get serious about my writing, and so I thought it’d be timely to give you a little update on my progress so far. Here’s hoping that you’ll all… (READ MORE)