Tea Tank - Pet Endorsed (Umi & Baxter)

Time for tea? Yes indeed!

In telling you this story I don’t wish to imply that my life is in any way dull or void of excitement and adventure, it’s just that I’m so full to bursting with enthusiasm for my latest acquisition, that I… (READ MORE)

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

I am a golden (parmesan) god

Remember that scene in Almost Famous where Stillwater’s lead singer Russell (Billy Crudup) ends up on the roof and before he jumps, proclaims to his adoring fans, ‘I am a golden god’? Well I do, and whipping up a batch of… (READ MORE)

Macaroning and the invention of verbs

A few weekends ago, while all the cool kids in Brisbane were off harvesting, I was at home macaroning and keeping a storm-stressed dog company. This was only my second attempt at macarons, but instead of making these from scratch,… (READ MORE)


::: I was busy writing, I was overcome by a sudden desparate need to bake a loaf of bread from scratch (a sourdough rye loaf if you’re interested). All that mixing and kneading, getting the hands alternately sticky and flour-covered… (READ MORE)

Just lately… (the coffee and cake edition)

Being on extended leave means that I’ve been happily spending more time at home. Winter is always a favourite time of year for me, so it’s been extra nice to enjoy the best of the season without also having to… (READ MORE)

Mocha Macarons

This was a first for me … I’ve never before played around with the dark art of macaron making. It was a lot of faffing about with different things and precise instructions (not my favourite way of cooking), and while… (READ MORE)

The Comfort of Cookbooks

It’s funny don’t you think, how we move from one obsession to another? One minute it’s all about a certain colour (mustard yellow for me), then it’s a desperate need to visit a certain place (Europe would be nice), and… (READ MORE)

The ‘flat bread’ theory

We’ve all heard about the flat earth theory, but have you come across the ‘flat bread’ theory before? Of course you may be excused if you’re not familiar with this particular hypothesis, mainly because it’s just some mad notion I came… (READ MORE)

Honey coloured memories

Surely there’s no better way to start a week then by reflecting on all that was wonderful about the weekend just left behind? I have to tell you that apart from lazily enjoying my two days off work, I discovered… (READ MORE)