Burial Rites

Book Review: Burial Rites

Some authors unwittingly struggle to let their story take centre stage, with a balance between the writer’s natural voice and the content of the narrative remaining tantalisingly out of reach. When this happens, with one element continually threatening to overshadow… (READ MORE)

The Light Between Oceans

Book Review: The Light Between Oceans

In my semi-regular wanderings through the crowded shelves of bookstores, I’d noticed this book many times, but for some curious reason I never bothered to take a closer look. All that changed recently when a friend recommended I read ‘The… (READ MORE)

Love With A Chance of Drowning

Book Review: Love With A Chance of Drowning

As a general rule I don’t read love stories or travel memoirs. So there were already two major factors working against the likelihood that I’d enjoy ‘Love With A Chance of Drowning’. But like any arbitrarily drawn rule, exceptions can… (READ MORE)

Australian authors – thoughts and memories

The first book I read cover-to-cover in one sitting was ‘Pinquo’ by Colin Thiele. I sat awkwardly perched on a dining room chair, hungrily turning the pages, and putting everything else on hold. There were no breaks, no timeouts for… (READ MORE)

Book therapy

So this week I had one of those days where for no particular reason I felt a bit down. Actually it was probably caused by a combination of things like not getting enough sleep (staying up late watching Le Tour),… (READ MORE)

The Comfort of Cookbooks

It’s funny don’t you think, how we move from one obsession to another? One minute it’s all about a certain colour (mustard yellow for me), then it’s a desperate need to visit a certain place (Europe would be nice), and… (READ MORE)

(New Recipe) Hunting and Gathering

What sort of cook are you? Perhaps you don’t cook at all? … I like to experiment in the kitchen – trying out new recipes, ingredients and techniques whenever I can. The only trouble is that experimentation often takes a… (READ MORE)

New magazine edition … additions.

Are you a maximalist or a minimalist? I think ideally I’d like to live my life maximally but surround myself with a minimum of things … it’s perhaps a tall order and a long way off, but it’s something to… (READ MORE)

Celebrating new paper arrivals

You know what’s a little embarrassing? Returning to the online world to say ‘hello, here I am’ … and then not really being here … oops! I’m very, very slowly catching up on everything I’ve missed in recent weeks, so… (READ MORE)

The Travel Almanac

Are you like me in that you enjoy achieving a sense of completeness? I like getting in on the ‘ground floor’ of something and seeing it through to the finish. Perhaps that’s one reason why it’s always a little exciting… (READ MORE)