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A gorgeous print to welcome dogs, foxes, people and other lovely folk (Mr & Mrs Fox by Doug Holgate ... I adore it!).

So it’s been a while …

Is there a phrase to describe an awkward silence which goes on for so long that it’s no longer considered awkward? … A comfortable lull? … Or maybe in the manner of dogs, who are thought to perceive time in… (READ MORE)

Recent readings

On Doing and Not Doing

It’s the day before spring in my little part of the world, so it seems appropriate to breathe some fresh air into this space and make things ready for visitors once more. It’s high time I cleared the mess of… (READ MORE)

Macaroning and the invention of verbs

A few weekends ago, while all the cool kids in Brisbane were off harvesting, I was at home macaroning and keeping a storm-stressed dog company. This was only my second attempt at macarons, but instead of making these from scratch,… (READ MORE)

November happenings

These past few weeks have flown by so quickly, I still can’t quite believe that it’s so close to the end of the year. With nothing very profound to say at the moment, I thought I’d simply share a little… (READ MORE)

Trying to find a new balance

A recent return to a full-time working week, has reminded me that I’m extraordinarily bad at finding balance. You could say that I’m always swinging perilously close to one extreme or another. “I either feel 100% in control or not at all,… (READ MORE)

Knowing isn’t everything

So I know this person who always wants me to tell her how things end. If she hears that I’ve seen a particular movie or read a certain book, she isn’t interested in knowing whether I thought it was any… (READ MORE)

Does having less make you care more?

The older I get (and perhaps the wiser I become), the less I care about brands, big designers, and what’s currently considered to be ‘in season’ or ‘on trend’. But I am more interested in actively seeking out products that… (READ MORE)

The ‘flat bread’ theory

We’ve all heard about the flat earth theory, but have you come across the ‘flat bread’ theory before? Of course you may be excused if you’re not familiar with this particular hypothesis, mainly because it’s just some mad notion I came… (READ MORE)

It’s been eleven years …

… since the Mr and I got ourselves ‘hitched’. Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun. We shall celebrate in the very finest of traditions with a sumptuous feast of homemade Halloumi burgers, followed by gourmet tubs of Maggie Beer… (READ MORE)