Lazy days

It’s been a slow start to the new year.
The crows are creaking outside against a background chorus of buzzing insects.
I’m watching tennis with the sound muted because the tv antenna needs fixing and hearing the pop and crackle as the picture fades in and out is way too annoying.
I’ll start reading a new book soon, my kindle is waiting for me on the coffee table.Books waiting in many forms The fan is keeping things cool, but there’s also a nice breeze flowing through the house.
Even though I haven’t been writing much lately, I had two articles published in December.
There’s also another little snippet of mine here.
I’ve been reading hungrily and have worked my way through lots of great books.

Remedy Quarterly - Issue 11 Comfort
MAEVE Magazine - Issue 9 Christmas

I’ve just finished up a course with the Australian Writer’s Centre (highly recommended).
My pursuit of new writing work will begin in earnest again very soon, but for now it’s enough to surround myself with words, even if they’re by other people.
Hopefully my return to the day job for another year won’t be too much of a shock.
Happy new year. :)

8 thoughts on “Lazy days

  1. I know what you mean about it being a slow start to 2013. I’m still trying to get going properly! Hopefully the return to your day job won’t be too humdrum.

    Congratulations on getting your articles published. It’s fantastic to see your work out there!


  2. Hey Tracey, happy new year!!
    Congratulations on your articles. and I envy you a lot for having the time to read. My goal for my two days break over Christmas and new year’s day was to read until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore, but I had other things to do…like rescuing a dog. And now I’m back to work work work. I miss reading for entire days SO much. And I want a kindle!! I’ve been thinking about getting one for so long now, but I always give priority to other things. Maybe I should get one and get it out of my system. Do you recommend it?
    Oh, and would you share the titles of the great books you’ve read?
    bobbi xox

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