Wrapped in plastic (no more)

Sometimes being eco-friendly is so super easy you wonder why the whole world isn’t taking the same approach. There are so many little ways you can make a difference – most especially in the way you use and consume products…. (READ MORE)

John Muir ... on walking

Walking as Meditation

I often wonder if the weather somehow magically matches my mood or if it’s my mood which responds to a particular expression of weather. Regardless of the former or latter being true, on one recent blustery, blue sky, crisp air winter’s day,… (READ MORE)

Tea Tank - Pet Endorsed (Umi & Baxter)

Time for tea? Yes indeed!

In telling you this story I don’t wish to imply that my life is in any way dull or void of excitement and adventure, it’s just that I’m so full to bursting with enthusiasm for my latest acquisition, that I… (READ MORE)

Current Mantra - courtesy Caren Baginski

Finding the pieces which fit

I love jigsaw puzzles. Always have, probably always will. I love jigsaws probably for the same reason I like maths or chemical formulas – there’s always an answer. It’s either correct or it’s not. It either fits or it doesn’t. For someone… (READ MORE)

On becoming a yoga teacher

On becoming a yoga teacher

My Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training journey started one Saturday in winter – June 21, 2014 to be precise – amongst a roomful of strangers in a studio on Brisbane’s southside. A date which coincided with the Winter Solstice, the shortest… (READ MORE)

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

I am a golden (parmesan) god

Remember that scene in Almost Famous where Stillwater’s lead singer Russell (Billy Crudup) ends up on the roof and before he jumps, proclaims to his adoring fans, ‘I am a golden god’? Well I do, and whipping up a batch of… (READ MORE)

A gorgeous print to welcome dogs, foxes, people and other lovely folk (Mr & Mrs Fox by Doug Holgate ... I adore it!).

So it’s been a while …

Is there a phrase to describe an awkward silence which goes on for so long that it’s no longer considered awkward? … A comfortable lull? … Or maybe in the manner of dogs, who are thought to perceive time in… (READ MORE)

Burial Rites

Book Review: Burial Rites

Some authors unwittingly struggle to let their story take centre stage, with a balance between the writer’s natural voice and the content of the narrative remaining tantalisingly out of reach. When this happens, with one element continually threatening to overshadow… (READ MORE)

Buttery toast ... mmm

Excuse me while I read

Things have been busy at work of late, which means that spare time normally dedicated to writing has been spent in mindless exhaustion. But I haven’t been completely unproductive. I finally watched 30 Rock (after abandoning it years before), the… (READ MORE)

Pretty Kyoto Garden

Five Days in Kyoto (Japan Part 3)

Originally my itinerary for this trip included several day trips (to Nara, Hiroshima and Miyajima), but once we arrived in Kyoto we decided that we’d rather stay put and just explore this city. It’s my preferred way to travel anyway… (READ MORE)